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img denturesDentures are removal prosthetic devices fabricated to replace missing teeth. There are two types of dentures to replace teeth in a particular maxillary (upper) or mandibular (lower) arch (jaw):

  • Partial: removable or fixed; for patients who are missing some teeth in a particular arch
  • Complete: for patients who are missing all of their teeth in a particular arch

Dentures are fabricated in dental laboratories with vacuum processed acrylic teeth available in a wide range of shapes and colors.

The process of fabricating and properly fitting dentures takes several visits over a period of time. The first step is for the dentist to take impressions of the arches (jaws) followed by adjustments for fitting, shape, and color, before the final denture is cast.

Daily cleaning of dentures is required as plaque and tartar may build up on them as it occurs on natural teeth. Contact us if you feel that dentures are a good solution to your problem, or if you have dentures and require a consultation. We are here to provide expert advice on the best and most comprehensive dental solutions available.

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